Interior Styling | Still Life | Creative Direction


Future of Craft, an event curated by Design Nation, Future Icons and Oxo Tower Wharf as part of London Craft Week 2019.

Client: Design Nation

Photography: Yeshen Venema

DN-FI-LCW-25.2.185293 - GROUP.jpg
DN-FI-LCW-25.2.188403 Sally McGill .jpg
DN-FI-LCW-25.2.184163 RHMB.jpg
DN-FI-LCW-25.2.184244 - GROUP.jpg

Working as an in-house interior stylist and photographer for a bespoke wallpaper company, I created imagery for their various product collections.

Company: Murals Wallpaper

Photographer: Jessica Jung


Images produced during my employment at Milexa Group.